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HR consulting

HR consulting is a line of work where consultants provide one or more categories of HR-related services to the business. These might include helping the business develop a suitable employee benefits package, handling the recruitment process and hiring of a new workforce, making reorganisation recommendations or acting as a liaison between management and employees to help resolve employee disputes.As an HR consultant, you can work in a company or independently. You can be a generalist offering help with several HR-related tasks, or you can specialise in a particular area of HR, such as benefits or labour relations. A consulting firm may use your professional expertise as part of a team approach to working with a business or you can market your services to companies that have that specific need.


What we do as HR consultant

  • The specific job responsibilities of an HR consultant differ depending on the needs of the client. There are, however, several duties most HR consultants may perform, including:
  • Meeting with clients to determine their HR needs or issues
  • Working with clients to develop, revise and implement appropriate HR policies
  • Assessing the client's current HR services and programs to be sure they comply with state and federal regulations and are consistent with industry standards
  • Analysing data and developing reports for management about specific HR projects
  • Auditing the client's HR activities to verify they are compliant
  • Offering HR-related training to each client


Services we provide

HR consultants may specialise in one of the following services:

Human capital strategy
HR consultants can provide different strategic human resource services. They may define the corporate culture, create organisational structures or develop people management strategies. They also work in the areas of incorporating diversity within the organisation, recruitment process and talent management.

Compensation and benefits
HR consultants may assist companies with employee compensation and other benefits. They plan the salary structure like the base pay, variable pay, bonuses and other benefits for all the employees of the organisation. This area of consulting service also works towards providing pension or retirement consultancy and advisory services.

Talent management
This area of HR service comprises different activities to hire, retain and maintain talent. For example, they may create tests or interview questions to help companies find the right professionals for their goals. They may also develop processes to make sure employees perform efficiently in a new position.

Learning and development
This area of service focus on creating plans for enhancing the employee's performance as an individual or as a team. They work towards competency development across departments, functions and leadership. They may also support the education and training requirements of the individuals.

HR analytics
HR analytics is often a separate area in HR consulting. HR analytics concentrates on using analytical processes to manage the human capital in the organisation. Their goal or primary objective is to add value to the HR activities.

Organisational change
This area of HR consulting provides services for guiding and embedding any change in the organisation, like its culture, structure and work style. To bring any change to the organisation requires experts' advice, and HR consultants may offer this as a standalone service.


What ​Skills we maintain as HR consultants

Here are a few skills HR consultants may use to succeed in this role:

Communication skills
HR consultants often communicate with a lot of different people regularly. They can use strong communication skills to understand a company's objectives or an employee's issues, concerns and requirements. Also, good communication skills can help them succeed during the recruitment process.

Time management skills
HR consultants often use time management skills to complete their various tasks. Their duties are often time-sensitive, like updating the applicants about the status of their job application, sharing promotion information and addressing employee issues. They can develop their time management to perform these tasks efficiently and promptly.

Motivational and mentoring skills
HR consultants may act as a mentor, encouraging employees to develop new skills. They may also help keep employees motivated by inspiring them to achieve their annual targets. Also, can use motivational skills to understand the employee's individual goals and guide them through potential career advancements

Human resource management skills
Human resource management skill is one of the most important skills an HR consultant can possess. The primary duty of HR consultants is to manage the human capital of the organisation. They may use technical industry knowledge and skills to effectively hire, manage, train and retain the employees of the enterprise.

Decision-making skills
HR consultants may make decisions for important various organisational functions. They may also work to make strategic plans when downsizing or changing an organisation's structure. Also, HR consultants may use decision-making skills to select the right candidate for an organisation.